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Come up with a domain name for your business To do this, you really need to come up with a name that has an domain There are a few tools that are useful for this, such as:. (for coming up with creative names), or (for testing name availability).Confinement company stroller baby Baby Once you've come up with a name you're happy with, register it with a registrar such as godaddy. Do not buy hosting however! This should cost you $ 8. Create your logo and business card now. Go to and find a vector logo that you like. Also buy any other vectors that you think will be useful in the design of your website. This should cost you $ 20. Then go to fontspace .com and find a nice free font that matches your logo, for your business nameConfinement company stroller baby Baby. Then you'll need a designer to create some nice graphics for your business card and website using the font and vector you purchased. Most of us have a designer friend these days, but if you do not, you can find one on who can help you with this. You can then get your business cards printed for free (!) through, or you can pay to get nicer ones printed. Now lets design your website. Do a web search for 'free css templates' Confinement company stroller baby Babyand browse the various sites until you find a free template you like. Find a web designer (hopefully a friend can do this for free, or cheaply, or you can find one through and get them to integrate your logoConfinement company stroller baby Baby into the template, and make the minor adjustments necessary to make the template visually suitable for a shopping cart (as most templates are designed for blogs, but can be adjusted to suit) .